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Hidden Costs of Homeownership

Monday, May 8th, 2017

Plan your Budget to include Common Home Maintenance Projects!roofing collinsville il

The prospect of homeownership is exciting for those that are lucky enough to achieve. A painstaking process; people save money for down payments, upgrades, and more and the whole process can take as long as it needs to (weeks, months, even years). However, the real cost of owning a home doesn’t just include your down payment and final purchase price; it also includes any home maintenance projects you have to undertake while you’re the owner. Some studies suggest saving at least $1 for every sq. foot of home you purchase. There are other models and rules of thumb, but the point is that you’ll hardly be done paying for your home after the last mortgage check gets sent. Look out for these home maintenance projects and save your money, accordingly!


Depending on who owned your home before you or how long you’ve owned your house, a roofing replacement may be in order. Roofs should last anywhere between 15 and 30 years depending on materials. Additionally, repairs and maintenance is needed to ensure your roof the longest lifespan.


Like roofing, siding can last for about the same amount of time depending on the material you choose to use. However, siding may be susceptible to storm damage and other elements that require periodic maintenance throughout its lifespan.

Windowswindows collinsville il

Whether you’ve noticed drafty spots by your windows or a stray baseball traveled into your living room, it’s safe to say you’ll probably have to replace a window (or windows) at some point during your home ownership.


Doors are all over our homes. Front doors, garage doors, bathroom doors, closet doors, etc. While typically, interior doors last the entire lifespan of the home, exterior doors and garage doors require maintenance to keep them in good shape. These may be expensive to repair or replace.

Comfort Systems

Most likely, you’ll need to repair heating and cooling systems at some point during homeownership. While these are fairly resilient and reliable systems, you may be replacing them in an older home. At the very least, maintenance is recommended for max energy efficiency and system reliability.


Unfortunately, the major appliances in your home are not made to last forever.  Whether it’s your oven, dishwasher, etc., you’ll probably have to replace something at some point. Additionally, broken appliance costs usually pop up at the most inopportune moments; leaving, even more, a reason to save some room in the budget.

Flooringflooring collinsville il

Whether you’re not a fan of the shag carpet from the last owner or a plumbing break has ruined your floors, these may be an expensive repair if you have to redo the entire home. While it depends on what material you choose, it still won’t be a cheap fix if your floors need to go!


The plumbing will go awry at some point. Whether it’s a water heater that produces cold water or a plumbing clog that brings the whole home grinding to a halt, regular maintenance and repairs of these systems should be expected.

General Remodeling

Do you plan on buying the perfect home of your dreams and never wanting to change a thing? Sounds ridiculous, right? Leave room in that budget for any remodeling you want to do now or in the future!

Waterproofing/ Foundation Repair

Many homes have issues with waterproofing during times of heavy rainfall. Additionally, homes in low-lying areas are especially susceptible to problems with flooding. Foundation repairs, sump pump installations, and more might be needed to ensure your home stays dry!

With all the things that could go wrong, how do you know who to call? Well, you don’t need to. The friendly professionals at 4 Aces know a contractor for all your home maintenance projects. Let them find one for you, today!


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